We're building the circular economy.

A transparent and accessible digital record that traces electrical and electronic products from point of finished product to end of life.

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Digital Identity for Physical Products

A transparent and accessible digital product record that traces individual products from finished product to end of life.


Only 17% of E-waste was recycled sustainably in 2022.

Supplychain Transparency

Capture valuable product data lost after dispatch.

Early Compliance

Manufacturers will soon need to comply
with Digital Product Passport regulations.

17.4%e-Waste is collected and recycled
£44.8mvalue of recovered raw materials
268%cost increase of rare metals since 2020

Lisa Stafford (CEO)

TAZAAR is a practical, digital solution that makes a positive and purposeful impact to influence the real world. Climate activists are not only those taking to the streets. We are building businesses that will bring systematic change to how we use, reuse, and dispose of products.

Who we are.

Our team are based across the UK


Lisa Stafford


Young Innovator Award Winner 22/23


Ashley Smith

Chief Data Officer

Entain, Adthena, Poker Stars and DSTL

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